Our Story

Mission & Vision

As a leader in education in the region, Sing-Ed’s vision is to enrich lives with quality learning for tomorrow’s world. Its mission is to empower lives through relevant, sustainable education. We operate based on the following core values of integrity as our foundation, commitment our way, quality our promise and innovation our pursuit.

From 2023, Sing-Ed completed a rationalisation of its education business and decided to focus on growing the Invictus International school brand. Invictus is strategically positioned for continued growth in the international education market as an internationally recognised brand in the East-Asia region. 

With the Invictus brand, Sing-Ed aspires to provide accessible quality education to children in the region.

Sing-Ed is actively seeking new investment opportunities with partners that share our commitment to quality, sustainability, and impact. Our experienced leadership team, comprised of seasoned school leaders in the Singapore education, guides our expansion with a deep understanding of regional trends and best practices in international education.

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